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        Laizhou Hong Lei Stone Industry Co., LTD is Xia Qiu Zhen Hong Lei stone factory is a large-scale professional business overseas established stone company Export Trading Company, mainly exported to South Korea, Germany, Europe, Middle East, Australia and other countries, the annual export volume reached 500 teus. The company exports stone variety, excellent quality, the main Shandong stone: cherry red, white linen, hemp, golden brown diamond, Wulian grey, Ijima Kure, crystal 355#, jade Chai Peng white 303#, Haiyang red, Wulian red, yellow, white rust, rust stone stone composite board and other special-shaped stone.
        Shanxi stone: ice green, green and blue butterfly leopard, blue sky and white clouds, Phalaenopsis, Shanxi black, kicked Jiaxian 10T shaped stone and large black stone house.

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